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To Stay Married, Embrace Change

From the New York Times…. A couple of years ago, it seemed as if everyone I knew was on the verge of divorce. “He’s not the man I married,” one friend told me. “She didn’t change, and I did,” said another. And then there was the no-fault version: “We grew apart.” Emotional and physical abuse […]

Celebrating the R-word…

So sorry I’ve not written much. I spent a month fighting the garden-variety crud floating around this winter. I feel much better, thank you. More significantly… Cman weathered the same winter ailments normally–perhaps even better than the rest of us. We’re firmly in Remission The word conveys magic as long as it lasts. This time last year, while […]

Eating Away

We tend to self-cater. We pack a cooler and visit grocery stores along the way. We live in home-like places with a kitchen. That’s just the way we roll. It helps keep the diet clean. This leftover habit still hangs on from earlier days as a family of ten. Our first week we rented a house. […]